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Created in 2016 by Vera Fernandes, BUZINA is born as a Fashion brand focused on the maximum expression of femininity and personality through style. Filling a gap in the Portuguese fashion market that represented stylized wardrobe options that can be worn on any everyday occasion, the language printed on BUZINA pieces is, in fact, universal: their aesthetic meets the requirements of women who are attentive to trends without this making them hostages to seasonality or imagery. They are women who use fashion as a way to express who they are (or want to be), who feel comfortable playing with proportions and sizes without compromising their femininity, who do not shy away from colours that draw all the attention to themselves. And just like a woman playing her multiple contemporary roles, the versatility of BUZINA’s pieces has become one of her strong points and one of her most differentiating factors.

With a degree in Psychology, Vera Fernandes developed an attentive look on other people. This brought her to the most psychological of exercises: dressing. With the cradle input of her maternal grandmother, who was a pattern maker, from an early age Vera met fabrics, textures and forms of creation that allowed her not only to express her identity through style, but also to realize Fashion’s potential in creating different characters. In 2013, after the birth of her daughter, she launched Meninamanel, a children’s Fashion store and a first entry into the Portuguese Fashion market, which allowed her to define the first steps towards the creation of BUZINA. Three years later, BUZINA was born, with the intention of making noise — as its own name indicates — having always clearly reflected a very well-defined aesthetic and business goal, as well as the personality of its creative director.


E-mail: info@buzinabrand.pt

URL: www.buzinabrand.pt



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