Photo: Sérgio Matos
Design: P-06 Atelier


What role does fashion play in today’s fashion? Is this a place of free thought and reflection? Or is it just the right timing to guarantee an immediate response, the deadlines to be met and the shows to be managed? ModaLisboa may not have all of the answers but it won’t ever stop asking questions, or provoking them among journalists, communicators, participants and action makers. So that the debate may be resumed and be dignifiedly exposed.

What does “Reflashion” mean? The meaning is of free association, that’s why “Reflashion” means a lot of things. Or rather, it doesn’t want to let anything go unsaid. Like a code waiting for its abracadabra, “Reflashion” is a flash, the lightning bolt of fame and the spotlight. “Reflashion” is a reflection or the sudden interlude in the act of creation. “Reflashion” is a game of mirrors, a requalification of an image, a new order that is questioned, just as our view, may be just an illusion.


SS 09
09. 10. 11. 12 OCTOBER 2008

Aforest-design . Lab
Aleksandar Protic
Alexandra Moura
Ana Salazar
Cia. Marítima
Dino Alves
Filipe Faísca
José António Tenente
Katty Xiomara
Lara Torres . Lab
Lidija Kolovrat
Luís Buchinho
Miguel Vieira
Nuno Baltazar
Nuno Gama
Pedro Mourão
Pedro Pedro
Ricardo Dourado
Ricardo Preto
White Tent . Lab