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Çal Pfungst


Çal Pfungst, transdisciplinary artist based in Portugal. His practice intersects Writing, Theatre, Installation and Fashion. He has a BA in Theatre (ESMAE, Porto) and is graduated in Fashion Design (Modatex, Porto). Through a phenomenlogical and deconstructivist approach, Pfungst develops a experimental work that transposes methodologies in the search for new forms, relations, narratives and limits for clothes.



SS 24


Wrap me as if I were a sandwich. Dresses to wrap sandwiches. Swords, bags of stars, guns, cutlery, robots. Arriving at “Terra Ignota” in a silver contamination.

Clothing as a bag that takes our body, body backpack that carries our mind, backpack mind that takes this concept that takes the real.

A kind of picnic is proposed at the edge of the world or in the middle of a battlefield, a place where life is relocated to the place of pastime and where we contemplate the “mind dressed as a body” of a particular chess player.