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AW24 In Process…

My hand is the extension of the thinking process – the creative process. Tadao Ando

This season, DuarteHajime decided to reflect on the creative process: What is it, what does it stand for, what makes it unique and what makes us humans?

The act of creating is so much more than the final product, but a journey of constant conflict and surpassing. To improve and create something new, is what drives us every day.

The brand thought on all the process of creating a collection: from research, to the theme choice, to sketching, to defining shapes, patterns, movements; from prototypes and toiles to final garments. Hours of constant work and care.

In neutral shades — Black, White, Grey, Cream, Beige, Dark Green — and in between cottons and wools — including Organic Cotton, Denim, Recycled Polyester, Wool and ReLiveTex® Technological fabrics — the brand tried to add layers of warmth and coolness to the final concept.

COLLABORATIONS: Albano Morgado, SA / Maeba International / Troficolor / RBD.APP Arquitectos Lda / Rosários 4
MUSIC: Pepperoni Passion