decenio matilde


FW 24/25


From the serenity of the golf course to the pulse of everyday life, CLUB 14 is a capsule collection that blends inspiration from the past with the tools of the future.

A unique collaboration between Decenio and MOLNM - the brand of designer Matilde Mariano that won second place in the first edition of AI Fashion Week - and which results from the synergy between human creativity and artificial intelligence, used as a tool during the creative process.

This combination gives life to a collection inspired by the lifestyle associated with golf, shaped by contemporary cuts adapted to urban life. Made up of 14 unisex design pieces, the collection is created with quality materials and sustainable fibers, produced entirely in Portugal.

About Decenio
Decenio is a Portuguese brand that uses the Mediterranean lifestyle as inspiration, with collections for women and men that embody sophistication, elegance and quality, with a contemporary twist. The relaxed and versatile style reflects a casual chic attitude that doesn't compromise on comfort or elegance in everyday life. With 30 years' experience in the fashion sector, Decenio strives to be a sensory experience that transcends fashion, adapting to the tastes and needs of its customers. Currently, the brand has a total of 34 physical stores from the north to the south of the country, as well as an online store at

Created by Matilde Mariano, the MOLNM brand was born between Lisbon and Los Angeles, after winning the second place in the first edition of AI Fashion Week.
With a focus on the quality of materials and durability, the brand produces pieces designed to transcend generations, with the aim of transmitting confidence and elegance to those who wear them. The integration of technology and artificial intelligence into the creative process allows experimentation with new materials and techniques, optimization of production, visualization of concepts and much more, pushing the boundaries of traditional fashion. 
Matilde Mariano grew up in an artistic environment and has a degree in architecture, although she always had the desire to follow her own path in the world of fashion, inspired by the creative environment that surrounded her.