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The Collaboration
Lion of Porches has teamed up with paatiff for a capsule collection that combines technology with an aesthetic and functional vision of workwear. Using artificial intelligence tools, the collection, which was presented at the last edition of ModaLisboa, is now on the runway. From virtual to real.
This project, conceived entirely in Portugal, is a fusion of sustainability, where durability prevails, and textile waste is minimised thanks to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in design.
This partnership not only challenges traditional fashion paradigms by integrating AI into the creative process, but also reaffirms the commitment to tradition, emphasising quality and local production.

The Creative Process
Artificial intelligence was the starting point for uniting the universe of the two brands, Lion of Porches and paatiff, and creating a common database of references and wearability. This was followed by the design process and a special focus on the selection of materials, with particular emphasis on cotton and denim, key elements in the workwear universe. These materials were chosen not only for their durability and comfort, but also for their ability to embody the essence of manual labour and tradition.
Virtual prototyping, which makes intensive use of AI, aims to achieve the most realistic fitting possible, with all the finishing details defined before the first textile test begins. The transition from virtual to real marks the final stage of design, where artificial intelligence gives way to human skill in realising the garments, emphasising the intersection between technology, tradition and human creativity at the heart of Fashion Design.

The Fashion Show
The Lion of Porches x paatiff capsule collection show is a journey through time and space, where the railway scene serves as a metaphor for workwear, whose work uniform required functionality, resistance and durability.
This environment also serves as the backdrop for a discreet tribute to Junya Watanabe, who presented his first men's collection under the Comme des Garçons MAN brand in 2001, the year in which Lion of Porches was created.
Watanabe, recognized for his pioneering work in workwear, is celebrated not only for his innovative and experimental approach to fashion, but also for reimagining utilitarian pieces. The capsule collection responds to Watanabe's love poems, printed on pieces from the Spring/Summer 2002 fashion show, highlighting the intersection between art, humanity and technology, and highlighting the importance of human creativity in an era dominated by artificial intelligence.

About Lion of Porches
Established in the market for over 20 years, Lion of Porches is a British-inspired brand recognized for its focus on detail and the timelessness of its pieces. From the fabrics to the finish, each collection is dedicated to those looking for superior quality through impeccable looks, whether they are more formal, elegant or relaxed, with the aim of being part of your life at all times. With an urban and innovative touch, the brand reinterprets the timeless classics that are an essential part of each collection, side by side with pieces of modern and exclusive design, specially designed for the customer who appreciates a distinctive closet. Currently, between physical and multi-brand stores, it is present in more than 15 countries.

About paatiff
Paatiff is a brand created by José Sobral, the winner of the first AI Fashion Week. Having studied Architecture, José doesn't hide his influence and interest in Fashion throughout his academic journey. In early 2023, he established the paatiff brand/studio with the aim of merging Fashion creation and visualization with technologies such as artificial intelligence.
Working with light, skin, shadows, innovative materials, and deconstructing classic pieces and simple silhouettes, he seeks to create his own vision.
With a collection launched in 2023 in Los Angeles and amidst exhibitions blending technology and fashion, paatiff thrives between the real and the digital.