maria carmo


Maria do Carmo Studio


Born and raised in Madeira Island, Maria do Carmo graduated with a BA in Fashion Design Womenswear from Central Saint Martins, in London, in 2019. The Covid19 pandemic brought her back to her home where she decided to launch her own brand, Maria Do Carmo Studio. Through the use of upcycling, Maria Do Carmo Studio produces creative and sustainable collections that include accessories made from all sorts of existing and recyclable materials. She creates unique and exclusive pieces based on a free design process, where the material is the base for all design. Her collections are surrounded by the ideas of sensuality, fluidity, texture, color and experimental use of materials in creative and unexpected ways, encapsulating a unique expression of femininity and pure naivety.

FW 24/25

This collection is a continuation of Maria do Carmo Studio’s previous work and serves as an extension of the brand's visual direction and identity. lt is important for the Designer to develop work that is both visually and conceptually cohesive and impactful.

The base proposition follows the same line as for the previous one: the creation of pieces that are wearable and reproducible. Adding to that, there is a major focus on patterns, techniques, material and colour exploration.

The collection comes in as a visual amalgamation of things that attract the Designer: patterns such as plaids and stripes; techniques and forms such as knit, grouting and glitter on fabric; more sustainable materials such as deadstock fabrics and found materials; colour and shape as that of the hibiscus flower.

ln short, this collection is focused on beauty and lightness, a flash of colour and shiny hues. lt's meant to be felt and enjoyed.