Beat by Be@t

beat by be@t is a regenerative program within the Portuguese Fashion Industry, aiming to expand synergies between creatives and innovative production. Its objective is to empower these two poles of activity for Sustainability and Circularity operations through concerted cooperation, aiming to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate, as well as the European Green Deal.

Integrated into the larger project be@t – Bioeconomy in the textile industry, led by CITEVE (Technological Centre of Portuguese Textile and Clothing Industries), of which BCSD Portugal is a part, beat by be@t comprises two phases: Ideation and Acceleration. ModaLisboa, a program partner, assumes a role in talent aggregation and catalyzing the development of a solid, fair, and responsible future for Portuguese Fashion Design, aiming for increased collaboration among various innovation actors.

The first initiative began in February 2023 with the call for the creative community — Fashion Designers, textile or product designers, textile engineers, and Portuguese micro-brands — to submit applications. The selected candidats participated in one of two Ideation sessions, hosted by the program’s textile company partners, Riopele and Tintex Textiles.

The winning projects from the Ideation phase progressed to the program’s second phase: Acceleration. Five designers and two researchers joined forces with six SMEs — Manel Baer X Lurdes Sampaio, Carla Pontes X Empresa Têxtil Nortenha, Diana Lopes X Bloomati by Carvema, Laís Kohan & Ivis Aguiar X TMR, Marta Neto x Trot, Paula Tomazi x Filasa — and for five months, they received tailored training, mentorship, and workshops that empowered them to create sustainable and circular textile projects.

The final projects were showcased at the 61st edition of Lisboa Fashion Week, in October 2023. Manel Baer X Lurdes Sampaio was the winning team of the first beat by be@t edition. The prize includes the opportunity to commercialize the project at an international sale point, access to specialized consultancy, training, and exclusive events from the 2024 edition of beat by be@t, as well as participation in Portuguese delegations attending international actions and fairs.

beat by be@t is a program integrated into the be@t project. Led by CITEVE, it brings together a consortium of 54 entities, including companies, universities, technological centers, and other entities. Together, they are developing new raw materials as alternatives to fossil-origin ones, new manufacturing technologies and equipment, promoting circularity, and reusing fibers and waste. Simultaneously, they aim to empower and engage society in a genuine awareness and change, starting with the textile and fashion industries, among the most polluting on the planet.

The project, with a duration of three years and expected conclusion in December 2025, is supported by the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR). More information, here.