retro future



The measurement of inner time is a fairly inaccurate exercise, composed of fuzzy advances and retreats, ignorant of museological precision and tainted by the intimate perception of each moment. The synthesis resulting from such an exercise is achieved in a plane where memory and oblivion – just like past and future – are never mutually cancelling forces.

RETRO / FUTURE comes from a will to utilize the past of an institution, drawing on the collection of communication objects it accumulated over twenty years of ModaLisboa | Lisboa Fashion Week, and to rebuilt it in the image of the human memory mechanism. Far from being a systematic approach to the graphic design work or a retrospective of its creators, RETRO / FUTURE looks to emulate human memory’s porous path, focusing on the referential value of each of these objects, invoking the space, time and the techniques that gave them life. Finally, making clear that once decoupled from its functional lifespan and subjective dimension, these design objects allow for a joint vision of Fashion and Design’s parallel paths in the intente of projecting images.