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With a background in cinema and fashion, Lidija Kolovrat defines her language through deconstruction, urban culture and arts. Her passion is to create meaningful garments to all of those who seek a differentiated style, in tune with their true, inner self.

In 1990, she founded KOLOVRAT, a brand that cares about the impact of its creations, both for the environment — by valuing sustainability and recycling — and for customers. Kolovrat believes that clothing reflects our inner world, our sacred geometry and our symbolic language. “Intuition, spirituality and innovation are the way to achieve the uniqueness of the piece that will be co-created for each one, so that everyone can empower themselves with their true selves and engage in beauty, daring and a sense of humor needed to embrace the unexpected.”

For Kolovrat, being part of the community means reinventing itself and achieving excellence in creations that combine the vibrancy of a dynamic society with the commitment of an ethical business.



Rua D.Pedro V, 79
1250-093 Lisboa

Tel: +351 213 874 536

E-mail: info@lidijakolovrat.com

URL: www.lidijakolovrat.com



Rua D.Pedro V, 79
1250-093 Lisboa, Portugal

Hilde Leiss Gallery
GroBer Burstah 38
20457 Hamburg, Germany

WOW Ibiza Restaurant
Ctra San Rafel a Sta Gertrudis Km4
07814 Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza, Spain