kolovrat retrato2



SS 24

Kolovrat dreamed of a world full of possibilities. When she arrived in Cuba, she discovered that the world can be full of limitations. As she immersed herself in the colours of its old Chevrolet cars, colonial palaces, the typical bodeguitas, she was struck by the lack of practically everything — the sparse tobacco plantations, bankrupt companies, empty roads. A country as rich as it is poor. Absorbed by this experience, inspiration began to come naturally to her. The images from her trip formed a collection, almost effortlessly. A collection that expresses nothing less than her desires for the future.

All this materialises in super-volumes, contrasts between loose and tight, oversized and multifunctional pockets, mixtures of materials and original prints. There's blue, yellow, white and black in light fabrics, silks, crepes, cottons and heavy twills.