The MODAPORTUGAL campaign to promote the sector aims to highlight the values of industrial circularity in the fashion ecosystem, eliminating waste and pollution, enabling the reuse of products and materials at their best level and shifting the focus from extraction to regeneration.

Within this general concept as a model of industrial production and the respective life cycles of materials, contexts and processes, the LIFE CYCLES campaign was conceived, where virtual models’ bodies wearing upcycled pieces and/or constructed from leftovers, float in a virtual space, animated graphically, using 3D design.

Promotor: CENIT – Portuguese Centre of Intelligence for the Textile Industry
Partner: ANIVEC – Portuguese Association for Clothing and Apparel Industries
Curator: Miguel Flor
Architecture: Sérgio Rebelo and Nuno Paiva
Holographic Display: Grandpa’s Lab
Graphic Design: João Cruz at Mountain Superstudio™
Video: Estúdio Emigrante
3D Typography: Serafim Mendes
3D: Frejen, Wise Solutions
Manufacturing Performance: Modatex
Special Thanks: Calvelex, Paulo de Oliveira, Polopiqué, Riopele, Alves/Gonçalves, Filipe Augusto and Tajiservi.