The project A Beleza Não Tem Idade na Cidade (Beauty is Ageless in the City) is part of a series of efforts being undertaken by Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa (SCML) to combat the stereotypes and discrimination that prevail in our society in relation to age. Ageism, a term that defines these negative views of older people, is constant and appears daily in multiple contexts.

The Beleza Não Tem Idade project was born in 2015, and since then has presented itself in various ways, including the Fashion Show in the last season of Lisboa Fashion Week, in October 2022. In March 2023, it arrives at MODALISBOA CORE in an exhibition format, with a photography show by Carlos Rodrigues, which brings together Maria Botelho Moniz, Cláudio Ramos, Ana Marques, Jorge Gabriel, Biba Pitta and her daughter Madalena, Alexandra Lencastre, Ricardo Carriço, Isabel Figueira, Fátima Lopes, João Rôlo, Pedro Crispim and Edmundo Martinho, together with several people supported by SCML, to illustrate that the celebration of joy and relevance has, in fact, no age.