darya fesenko


Darya Fesenko


Darya Fesenko graduated in Fashion Design from Modatex in Porto (2021). During her academic years, she discovered a passion for upcycling. Through her creations, she addresses dystopian worlds and appeals to social issues. Darya interned at the M+RC NOIR brand and is currently working at Ernest W. Baker.


E-mail: darityf26@gmail.com

FW 23/24

MANUSCRIPTS DON’T BURN tells you a story about one of the most important parts of the novel “The Master and Margarita”, the Woland’s ball. The novel, written by Bulgakov, concerns a visit from the devil (Woland) to the officially atheistic Soviet Union. Besides turning Moscow upside down, he needs to find his Margarita in order to throw the ball, as he does every year.

“THE BAAAAAALL!”, shouted Behemoth. Margarita, the queen of the night, was transported arm in arm with Koroviev to a lavish ballroom. She looked so confident and fierce, as she was wearing a mini black dress that reminded her of an armor. Before that, only her long hair was covering her body.
Ready to greet the guests, she was standing close to a huge fireplace. As it turns midnight, coffins and gallows materialize from the fireplace. The human remains exit their coffins and transform into well-dressed party guests: suits, trousers, blazer, fancy gloves and kilts. Each of them respected impeccably the dress code of the night. The party, then, seemed to be a ceremonial tribute to evil in the world.

The MANUSCRIPTS DON’T BURN collection is the Designer’s personal interpretation of Wolland´s ball and, above else, is a tribute to the one of the greatest novels of the 20th century.

“Manuscripts don´t burn”, uttered by the devil Woland, conveys the idea that authentic art is indestructible and eternal. This quotation has been immortalized as the keystone in Bulgakov´s legacy of upholding spiritual values and remaining true to one´s artistic vision above all else.