The brand Molly98 was created by designer Maria Duque, at the end of 2019, as an artistic identity focused on creating art from existing materials. Molly98 has grown into alternative slowfashion directed towards streetwear and clubwear, supported by the principle of circular economy, zero waste and conscious consumption , aiming to create a regenerative impact on the industry. In the last year, Molly98 featured in magazines like Contributor, Pap, Neo2, Harper’s Bazaar and dressed national and international musical artists on several occasions, video clips, concerts, festivals such as Rolling Loud, Vodafone Paredes de Coura, Nós Primavera Sound, among others.


FW 23/24

Due to a very common education in Portugal, introduced by religious principles, Molly98 developed this collection on the theme of the Holly Family. By blood or not, Molly98 based her work on a contemporary version, referring to the current definition of family, where conservatism is left aside and new traditions are embraced. Rosaries and saints figures are exchanged for crystals and horoscope apps, Sunday church becomes an after party and a hangover. Comforting dysfunctionality and unconditional support are approaches that stand as essential pillars in this collection.