IED graduate show

Graduates Fashion Show


The future is becoming extremely complex, but if recent times have taught us anything, it is that we must pay attention to the past, observe what surrounds us now and face the challenges ahead with commitment, creativity and responsibility.

This is how the six fashion collections presented in Future Starts Slow have been conceived. Six visions designed from the observation of our emotions, memories or bodies. The students graduated in 2023 at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Italy explore what fragility means, the fear of transformation, the importance of self-knowledge, the respect towards our natural environment, the value of feeling or the memories of our experiences to transform them into unique garments, made with dedication, craftmanship and passion, mark of the Italian Design culture.

At ModaLisboa IED presents a reflection of a generation that understands the importance of listening to your inner itself, caring and channeling a slow future through fashion, but aware that a better future is yet to come.

Fragile, by Annarita Biava
Surrounded by Nobody, by Christian Bogliano
Stain, by Angelica Siddi
Aire, by Matteo Rosellini
Vitruviana, by Maria Chiara Sorbino
Tutti hanno paura, by Alessio Dolfi and Carlotta Mora

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