ivan hunga garcia




FW 24/25


DWTV is a polarized acronym of VTWD (ss24), representing an insight to the same universe.
Layer by layer, we get to know the deepest notions of self, the unconscious, the needs and aspirations. This segment of pieces is stripped from superfluous volumes other than the human anatomy and its own skin surface. Using SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) and its sensorial/visual resemblance to skin, leather and latex, a deep dive into the realms of skin properties and sensorial sensibility is explored through bdsm and lingerie codes.

Within the concept of this collection, it might be important to highlight the bond between intellectual stimulation and carnal/interpersonal liberation as a means to progress. Something so banal as it is underestimated and censored, body expression is the key into understanding unconscious needs, desires and traumatic experiences. Such as antonym concepts of fetish and the fetishized, collective behavior / privacy and lastly, self-awareness vs external interjection of identity.