barbara atanasio


Bárbara Atanásio


Bárbara Atanásio graduated in Textiles from António Arroio school in 2016, and in Fashion Design from Modatex Lisbon in 2023. In a multidisciplinary work of upcycling, deconstruction, and humor, Bárbara explores the utopia of memory and the conceptualization of daily life. She interned with Valentim Quaresma and Marques’ Almeida, and has been participating in the Mercado P’la Arte since 2022.

FW 24/25


Inebriated by the digital world, we live in a time of neos. The osmotic nostalgia of another era is accelerated by the globalization of others' memories aboard the digital time machine. Clothing distorted of values, experiences, and scents, arrive as absurd caricatures, in a beautiful and canned version of themselves, available in any supermarket of styles near you.

The kaleidoscope of ideas that someone once had remixes into a dada do-over that aims to save the future. A styling that rethinks layers in a layering of mille-feuilles that fuels the hope of reuse. The new millennium begins with the revival of techniques and materials that endure, that are inherited. This collection is thus the materialization of someone else's memory through the distant gaze of those who did not live it.

KEY WORDS: Neo-Nostalgia, Sustainable, Tune Magazine, 2000, 1990, Grunge, Britpop, Do-over, Collage, Anti-Fashion;