barbara atanasio


Bárbara Atanásio


Bárbara Atanásio graduated in Textiles from António Arroio school in 2016, and in Fashion Design from Modatex Lisbon in 2023. In a multidisciplinary work of upcycling, deconstruction, and humor, Bárbara explores the utopia of memory and the conceptualization of daily life. She interned with Valentim Quaresma and Marques’ Almeida, and has been participating in the Mercado P’la Arte since 2022.

SS 24

Somewhere only we know

Upon the arrival to the admirable new world, admiration is greater when it reveals itself as known. The shock resides in the palpable impossibility of experiencing a constant déjà vu: the silent struggle of two parallel universes that do not recognize each other in the mirror. Conceptualizing a fictional everyday life, from the uncertain memory of an unreal existence, this collection is the journey to a lost place, is the materialization of the ethereal present connected to the ties of the real present.

It is also the crossing to the desired, the future, the sustainable. With styling inspired by Fruits Magazine, this is a proposal dedicated to rethinking fashion and its materials, bringing the magic of caring for second-hand items from Harajuku. From the nineties, we source deadstock, and from Japan, the eclecticism of mixing new and old materials. This is the desire for a change, in the quest to achieve a healthy future.