diogo mestre


Diogo Mestre


Diogo Mestre graduated in sculpture from Faculdade de Belas Artes of Universidade de Lisboa — where he also pursued a minor in photography — in 2022 and in the same year started his master’s degree in Fashion Design at Faculdade de Arquitetura of Universidade de Lisboa. His work focuses on the experimentation and manipulation of materials, creating a link between art and design. Diogo seeks to tell his story through his creations, which aims to relate to the user’s body and, mainly, to communicate with the viewer.


E-mail: diogo7a6@gmail.com

SS 24


"Player" is an ode to childhood in which the dreamlike merges with the playground. An aesthetic inspired by designer’s childhood and his dreams, the transition into adolescence and the rationalization of the importance of appearance in one's identity as an individual.

“Player” plays with colors and textures, with a focus on the sensations of the viewer. The collection aims to be attention-grabbing and succeeds in communicating the internal essence of its creator, who self-references. Culminating in a work centered around its creator's interests and what he intends to convey as an active voice.