maria martins


Maria Miguel Martins


Maria Miguel Martins, born in Águeda, has been interested in sewing and design from an early age, and in high school she enrolled in a professional course focused on fashion.

In 2019, she moved to Porto to attend the Fashion Design course at Modatex, in order to complement her technical skills. The interest in manipulations, both visual and textile, were constant during the development of her projects and were a starting point for defining her identity.




SS 24


Attachment, an affective bond that is established with something or someone, a permanent and exaggerated dedication, is the theme chosen for this collection. We are all attached to something, be it a person, a moment, a place, a memory and this collection portrays this feeling.

To portray this theme, personal childhood photographs were collected, where the attachment that one has as a child for the parents and vice versa is visible. The chosen images convey this feeling through touching, holding someone, hugging, grabbing.

Different ways of passing the theme to fabrics were explored. From basting and topstitching, techniques used to join garments, prints of wrinkled fabrics under smooth fabrics, in other words a trompe l’oil idea, fabrics wrinkled and secured with foil so that the appearance is maintained. The pieces themselves are designed to embrace the wearer.