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Extramundus :: João e Sara

João Felgueira (joninator) is a multidisciplinary artist focused on media explorations and fine art. In 2016, studied Artistic Production Screen Printing and Etching at Escola Artística António Arroio, and in 2020, graduated from Westminster University in London, with a BA in Contemporary Media Practice. Their practice encompasses a spectrum, spanning photography, videography, interactive media, and emerging technologies, including Artificial Intelligence. Product of a research that questions the virtual boundaries and conditions in a post-contemporary context, Joninator’s work is an exploration of the relationship built over time between humans and technology.

Sara Pinto (parasinto) is an interdisciplinary artist with a practice that shifts between Fashion and fine art, based on awareness and attention to the material processes used as means of fashioning the body. Sara studied Artistic Production: Screen Printing and Etching at Escola Artística António Arroio, moving to London in 2017 for a BA in Fashion Print at Central Saint Martins. Sara’s research practice makes use of various methods such as photography, object collection, and 3D scanning technology to capture intricate shapes and details, then altering their scale. Sara’s fashion practice views the body as a vehicle for transformation, where clothes become sculptural elements with a poetic and political connotation of apocalyptic nature.


Extramundus is a digital media experience that combines fashion with artificial intelligence (AI) generated content. AI explores algorithms that generate unique and imaginative fashion variations that exist solely in the virtual space, based on previous inserted data, which in this case is a fashion collection titled Ecotrauma. These designs transcend time and space, avoiding the constraints of the fashion calendar and its seasons.

Extramundus advocates for sustainable and ethical practices in the fashion world, highlighting the environmental impact of fashion and consumer culture. Additionally, making virtual fashion accessible to a wide audience allows space for community engagement and inclusivity. By combining AI-generated content and fashion, Extramundus has the potential to redefine how we perceive, interact with, and experience physically and virtually fashion in entirely new and imaginative ways.