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Postmodern Bot

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Ricardo Santos aka Postmodern Bot (Lisbon, 28) studied 3D Animation and Visual Effects in London. He returned to Lisbon in 2019 and co-founded PostCarbon Collective, an artistic collective whose conceptual basis is Transhumanism.

Postmodern Bot is an interdisciplinary artist who focuses most of his work on animation, design and composition in 3D space, with the creation of avatars being his major focal point. Transhumanism, biology and futurism are the most recurrent themes in his projects, trying to show a symbiosis between his artistic point of view, science and technology.


Virtual fashion aims to break down barriers imposed on fashion, whether social or environmental ones.

This piece includes three avatars with three unisex fashion designs in which the avatars themselves are androgynous and ethereal, communicating the same concept.

The design is futuristic and incorporates elements we recognize from fiction and fantasy, anchored by elements found in current Haute Couture fashion.

Digital fashion allows unlimited creation and design, and this piece reflects this idea, while advancing the purpose of fashion, as something that not only has practical and daily use, but also has artistic and social meaning.

This fashion expression is rapidly expanding in today's virtual world, increasing in relevance every day.

The piece is highly influenced by video game aesthetics or, in other words, cyberfuturistic. This is evidenced by, in addition to the androgyny of the design and models, the exaggerated proportions and shapes of the pieces. Accessories are also part of this concept, being familiar objects but presented in an original way that challenges their current uses, perhaps suggesting alternative uses of these common objects.

Cyberfuturistic aesthetics are increasingly influential today, perhaps because they allow us to escape from the real political and environmental world into a virtual future in which everyone chooses the elements of their appearance without limits, or biological or social barriers, or in which Fashion or technological design is not limited by practicality or market demands.

The name of the piece is Enebi Skins, 'enebi' being a stylization based on the phonetic pronunciation of non-binary, and ‘skins’ being a reference to the virtual and video game world, where a 'skin' is the appearance or what a certain character or avatar is wearing. With this piece, Postmodern Bot presents a vision of the future, through virtual lenses, that allows us to imagine what we can be, once we overcome what we are.