nuno baltazar retrato


FW 23/24

TRANSVERSE is an exercise for creating anachronistic visual dialogues, which result from the intersection of different characters, real or imaginary, who simultaneously inhabit Nuno Baltazar's creative universe. The proposal of a space of interception as a place of reflection on different bodies, their contexts and new perspectives resulting from questioning their aesthetics and their artistic processes. In a subversive dialectic in which it uproots religious content and contextualizes it in new performative bodies, in a narrative that crosses popular and queer culture.

For the presentation of the AW23/24 collection, Nuno Baltazar develops an oblique path between his signature elements, under a new performative perspective in which he deconstructs his own paradigms. The demi-couture details are presented as protagonists of an open narrative, leaving the interpreters with the possibility of improvising in the dressing room. Over-sized silhouettes coexist with anatomically constructed structures, three-dimensional details, dramatic sleeves and right-and-back games. Dry textures in taffeta and moiré stitches and quilting contrast with pallets, liquid crepes in plain colors or leopard prints. The color palette also proposes the exploration of austere colors such as black, coffee, cognac and nude in a total look or anachronistic compositions with English blue, silver and yellow.