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ModaLisboa For Good, ModaLisboa

27 February '24

On March 7th, at 5pm, FAST TALKS supported by Nescafé arrive at MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, partner of this moment of inauguration of the 62nd Lisbon Fashion Week.

Moderated by Rui Maria Pêgo, the conversations continue to be ModaLisboa’s noble moment of thought, especially relevant in a contemporary context that requires dialogue, clear information and reinforcement of a feeling of community.

The two panels were designed as a response to the most relevant themes of the current Fashion System: concerted and sustainable investment opportunities, and the intersection between Fashion and cultural heritage (this last conversation will be in English). The conferences will take place in the MAAT Gallery building, where Valkyrie Octopus, by Joana Vasconcelos, one of the works in the Plug-in exhibition, is installed. More information and biographies of all speakers, here.

FAST TALKS FOR GOOD have free entry (subject to space capacity) with mandatory registration here, until March 4th. On the 7th, the MAAT entry ticket also guarantees access to the event. Livestream at


5 PM
The business, the marketing, the change.

A discussion about the systemic transformations in Fashion in recent years: what has changed, what has improved and what still needs to change to consolidate an agile, modernized industry capable of true positive impact. The three speakers share perspectives, strategies and the investments necessary for businesses to be able to respond to contemporary challenges.

Ana Duarte, Founder and Creative Director DuarteHajime
César Araújo, President of the board of ANIVEC, CEO Calvelex
Mónica Seabra Mendes, Director of the Luxury Management Program at Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics


6 PM
The art, the heritage, the future.

The intersection between Fashion, Art and craftsmanship has always been organic, but recent years — and a new generation of creatives — have blurred the boundaries between these practices. In this conversation, borders cease to exist completely: artists, designers and educators discuss the new opportunities at this intersection of disciplines, and the emerging territories that are yet to be explored.

Danilo Venturi, Brand Strategy, Director of IED Florence
Joana Vasconcelos, Artist
Sam Baron, Product and Interior, Creative Director