constanca entrudo2



SS 24


In a world where global warming has erased the existence of winter, Constança Entrudo’s Spring/Summer 24 Collection invites you to step into an apocalyptic scenario where winter is but a distant memory, and embrace the chaos of an office heatwave. The garments in Constança’s Spring/Summer 24 Collection are designed to reflect this dramatic shift: imagine an office where traditional suits and poplin striped shirts are subjected to tearing and cutting, and their fragments woven into deconstructed ripped jersey tank tops.

Rooted in the meticulous collection and reappropriation of discarded objects, Constança’s collection traces the unseen contours of the everyday. These are the objects that linger at the back of your desk drawer, the rarely used fold of your wallet or the centre console of your car. Motivated first and foremost by the physical quality of objects, choosing to combine them chiefly by happenstance, Constança links her practice back to Dada, to meaning in nonsense.

The prints featured in this collection are derived from still life photographs of everyday objects, including the playful juxtaposition of Christmas bows with seashells and other beach motifs, as well as intricate sculptures portraying office ballpoint pens entwined with threads. These sculptures and photographs of discarded objects suggest the unseen exchanges of everyday life.

Using disposable ballpoint pens, Constança creates ink fields on surfaces of canvas and paper. For this collection, she presents a selection of blue ink drawings, printed onto a range of materials, including denim, crepe, and the brand’s signature woven fabrics. The ballpoint drawings represent the various states of boredom, frustration, and exhaustion present in office life, highlighting the dehumanizing effects of corporate culture.

This collection offers a critical look at office life and its power dynamics while also providing an ironic commentary on consumer culture and wastefulness.