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Filipe Cerejo


Filipe Cerejo began his Fashion journey in Porto, but moved to London, where he gained a BA in Fashion Design at Middlesex University, in 2021. Following his graduation, Filipe took on the role of Menswear Designer at ASOS in London, where he honed his craft and deepened his Fashion Industry knowledge. Since then, he has kept developing new projects and finding ways to invigorate his vision and creative process. In 2022 he won the Polimoda prize of  Sangue Novo, ModaLisboa’s Young Designers Competition, earning him the chance to pursue a MA in Collection Design at Polimoda in Florence. His vision in designing garments extends beyond aesthetics; it’s about evoking emotions, bringing sophistication and seduction, embodying a narrative, embracing a feeling, and expressing a unique identity, offering a fresh perspective of menswear.



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The genesis of this creative journey can be traced back to the book "Ragazzi," a work by Helbig Konrad that portrayed youthful masculine beauty. Within this literary context, the lens of Konrad captured subjects in a state of nudity within a coastal milieu, emulating the aesthetic of classical Greek youth.

These photographic compositions resonate profoundly in their capacity to convey poignant moments of emotional potency within the realm of masculine beauty. The dynamics of the human physique, characterized by graceful movement, the extension of musculature, and the tension these attributes generate, served as a guiding narrative thread.

This exploration subsequently led to the conceptualization and realization of garments that amalgamated elements of existentialist drapery with classical tailoring and knitwear.

The deliberate choice of raw silk yarn, meticulously knit to forge minimalist silhouettes, endows these creations with layers of deeper significance. Additionally, the inclusion of transparency as a design element serves to unveil the more provocative facet of this collection, thus contributing to the cultivation of a conscious, introspective narrative.