nuno baltazar retrato



SS 24

BALLROOM is a protest, a reaction-collection and a presentation that celebrates the creative geography of designer fashion and independent brands as a subculture of the fashion industry. A party in which each protagonist is invited to build their own character, for a visual narrative that proposes the utopian and fantastical idea of bringing designer fashion to the main stages of Portuguese culture. The documentary Paris is Burning was the driving force behind a collection that reinterprets, expands and challenges the different codes of NUNO BALTAZAR's authorial identity to coexist.

For the main roles in this Ballroom, we highlight paillette knits as the protagonist, and dry taffeta stitch structures as the antagonist, offering a contrast in silhouette and colour. Georgette crepes, dupion moirée and cool wools complete the cast. The colour palette also explores secondary colours such as lavender, aqua, sand, smoke and black, which contrast with vibrant shades of pink, magenta, tile, chocolate and silver.