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Mindeformer & Zalda

MINDEFORMER (Eduardo Paranhos, 2000) is a 3D artist and designer. His academic career began in computer engineering, which encouraged his interest in programming and Artificial Intelligence. However, a year later, he changed to a degree in Sound and Image at the Catholic University of Porto. From this symbiosis of artistic and technical knowledge came the final project of his degree, “Copycat”, shown at “Panorama 22”, as well as collaborations with the “INTERPRT” research agency. He is currently freelancing and actively developing his portfolio.

ZALDA (Esmeralda Dias, 2000) is a Fashion Designer and illustrator. When she was finishing her degree in Fashion Design at ESAD, Matosinhos, she worked as a trainee at a clothing brand, getting involved in all stages of the production process, including photography. With her own label, reached the final of Portugal Fashion’s Bloom competition. At the same time, she has had illustration work in exhibitions and art markets. She has her own studio for face-to-face fitting appointments for the garments in her label, ZALDA, and has been producing new items with waste and getting involved in projects in the fashion field in conjunction with others.


The optimization of tags, which no longer have restrictions, as an element of the union between fashion and digital. The user gets access to the creator's process, regarding imagination and manufacturing specifications, artistically connecting these two opposites, guaranteeing transparency in production for an audience that demands to know what they are buying.

Every collection starts with a sketch. In this case, it started with demonstrative 2D monsters of the inner self, which originated clothing items through silhouettes and details that make reference to its emotional representation. In order to engage the user, this universe evolved in more detail into 3D, giving this entire process the appreciation it deserves when reaching the final consumer.

The tag is a QR Code that redirects the user to a platform that allows 3D model viewing and to the universe that generated each one of the four pieces in question, bringing the user to join an immersive experience.