ModaLisboa À La Carte

7 September '23

From the 5th to the 8th of October and in co-organization with the Municipality of Lisbon, Associação ModaLisboa hosts the 61st Lisbon Fashion Week at Pátio da Galé. After years of traveling through the various Lisbons that fit within the same city, of experience and experimentation in spaces and audiences that we now transport to the base. To the historic, creative and nerve center of Lisbon, which is also the place where every day we think about what Portuguese fashion is, and what it can be.

MODALISBOA À LA CARTE is an edition that, like appetite, is fed by the act of sharing and communion. The menu is seasonal, and the best seasonal products arrive at fashion shows, exhibitions, presentations and performances in a tasting where the mise en place is from ModaLisboa, but creativity is served by the Designers. Always hungry for more, are the designers who lead the feast of carnal and transcendent indulgences. What awaits you is sweet, salty, acidic and spicy, both warming and refreshing, filling and mouth-watering.

As an amuse bouche, reservations are not required on October 5th. With free entry, and in a space that is still a secret ingredient, FAST TALKS and the inauguration of the WORKSTATION NEW MEDIA exhibition (project with the support of the Portuguese Republic — Culture / DGArtes, open to the public until October 8, and with a schedule to be released soon) bring to the table the complex but urgent flavors of the role of design in the climate crisis, technological innovation as a driver of change and brand building in a volatile present.

MODALISBOA À LA CARTE is a moment that resides between the tense anticipation and the relief of liberation, of unrestricted surrender. Like a desire that consumes, it is gluttony and lust, an urge to devour the world before it devours us. Perhaps only through surrender can clarity emerge. If it doesn’t arrive, we’ll at least have the pleasure of a sugar rush.

MODALISBOA À LA CARTE. Consume in moderation.

Concept: ModaLisboa
Photo: Luís Gala
Direction: Leonor Loureiro (We Are Action)
Set design: Pedro Brito (Cracked Bolos)
Models: Devon (We Are Models), Rainara (Face Models), Rodrigo Almeida (We Are Models)
Hair: Helena Vaz Pereira / griffehairstyle
Make-up: Joana Lopes assisted by Alexandre Castanheira for Antónia Rosa atelier, with Clarins products