5 February '24

Every month, the Cultural Association, Zero em Comportamento, presents “The Movie of the Month”, in 4 locations in Lisbon. In February, is shown “Westwood – Punk, Icon, Activist”, by Lorna Tucker, which celebrates the life of the iconic British fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood. The first session will take place at the Marvila Library, on February 8th, at 9pm, and will be followed by an informal conversation with the president of Associação ModaLisboa, Eduarda Abbondanza.

“The Movie of the Month” is an exhibition project alternative to commercial cinema that Zero em Comportamento implemented for an adult audience, with films of great artistic quality, on topics ranging from Iconic Figures to Politics, Economy, Human Rights or Ecology. Each film is shown in 4 unique sessions at the Marvila Library, at Cinema City Alvalade, at the Orlando Ribeiro Library Auditorium (in Telheiras) and at the Alcântara Library.

The movie of February, “Westwood – Punk, Icon, Activist” (2018), by British director Lorna Tucker, celebrates the life of the queen of Punk and Fashion, Vivienne Westwood. Her fight for success, her art, her activism, her cultural importance. With iconic archive images and new footage, the story is told in Vivienne Westwood’s own words and through interviews with family, friends and collaborators.

It was in the 1970’s, alongside Malcom McLaren — manager of the iconic punk rock band, Sex Pistols — that Vivienne Westwood’s creative talent began to emerge. The store that the couple opened at 430 King’s Road, in London, which sold records, clothing and other revivalist items from the Elvis Presley era, was the starting point for an important trajectory in the Fashion world. In 1976, Vivienne Westwood dressed Sex Pistols and became known for the democratization of punk aesthetics in fashion.

Over the next forty years, Vivienne Westwood established herself as a cultural icon of British fashion and a global phenomenon. With an irreverent and bold style, she opened stores in the great fashion capitals, Paris and New York. She also stood out as an activist, using her fashion shows to appeal to conscious consumption and to draw attention to political issues such as climate change.

“Westwood – Punk, Icon, Activist” transcends the standard format of a Fashion film, to become an intimate and inspiring portrait of the iconic British designer who died in December 2022.

“Westwood – Punk, Icon, Activist” | 4 Sessions:

Marvila Library: February 8, at 9pm. Session followed by conversation with Eduarda Abbondanza
Cinema City Alvalade: February 20th, at 9:45 pm
Orlando Ribeiro Library Auditorium (Telheiras): February 23, at 9pm
Alcântara Library: February 24th, at 6pm

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