9 May '23

Mimicat goes to the Eurovision Song Contest, to perform in the first semifinal, dressed by designer Dino Alves.

Mimicat and the four dancers who accompany her — Inês Gameiro, Vanda Gameiro, Daniel Courinha and Daniel Soares — are already in rehearsals, on the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest, in Liverpool.

Red will be the predominant color of the looks of the Portuguese team, with Mimicat wearing an original dress by Dino Alves, made entirely of feathers. “We wanted to keep the red color because it is the code of the song: It’s about heart, love, passion. This look was created in the sequence of Mimicat’s image at the end of the Festival da Canção, but with an upgrade. The tule dress goes over to a feather dress, but keeps the 1950’s silhouette, and the reference to the universe of cabaret, and musicals. I wanted to create volumes, to make a silhouette that would allow her to interact with the dress during the performance: to dance with it. The dancers’ looks are a sequel to this. I thought that having a red color block could have more strength. But I wanted to lighten the red and add some rhythm, mixing pink in the details, like Mimicat’s gloves. Red and pink are two colors that I like to combine”, explains the designer.

Mimicat represents Portugal with “Ai Coração”, a theme of her authorship that she describes as “a mirror of the tastes and the ‘double’ personality of the Portuguese people. It had to have modern elements, old school, the joy of the dancer… Portuguese are melancholy but, at the same time, very happy. And this song has both things”, revealed the singer to Posto Emissor, podcast by BLITZ.

Of the 15 countries that play today in the first semifinal, only 10 will qualify for the final, which will take place next Saturday, May 13th. The first semifinal can be seen live on RTP and RTP Play, from 8 pm. Portugal will act in fifth place.