ModaLisboa, Fashion, New Media

28 July '23

Associação ModaLisboa launches a new exhibition and experimentation project aimed at creative people working in the area of new media, with the support of República Portuguesa — Cultura / Direção Geral das Artes.

WORKSTATION NEW MEDIA begins with an open call to the community of artists with a practice of intersection between Fashion and new digital formats: until September 3rd, ModaLisboa is looking for projects in digital Fashion, 3D, NFT (non- fungible token), virtual and three-dimensional construction of objects and avatars, human interaction in digital spaces such as gaming, augmented reality or virtual reality.

The objective of this new competition is to boost and stimulate a growing creative community, which works with an artistic approach to contemporary Fashion in an innovative and sustainable digital way. Registration is free, and the selection criteria are based on artistic, cultural and social relevance, technical and conceptual dexterity, with the aim of presenting a group of finalists who are representative of an area where the diversity of perspectives and contexts is particularly fertile.

The jury, composed of a person specialized in new media, Eduarda Abbondanza and Miguel Flor, will select the best works, which can be appreciated in an exhibition with free admission, between 5 and 8 October, parallel to the 61st Lisbon Fashion Week. It is also during the exhibition that the winning project of the competition will be announced, which will receive a prize of two thousand euros.

The essential information of the competition rules in Portuguese Sign Language and the complete written rules can be consulted HERE.