ModaLisboa Core, ModaLisboa

6 March '23

MAR 10: 5pm – 10.30pm
MAR 11: 1.30pm – 11pm
MAR 12: 1.30pm – 10pm

The free entry activities of MODALISBOA CORE include Fast Talks, exhibitions and a Lounge.

Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa’s social inclusion project is once again in the spotlight at Lisboa Fashion Week: Beleza Não Tem Idade na Cidade returns as an exhibition, with photographs by Carlos Rodrigues, to reinforce the message of celebrating diversity and fighting stereotypes and discrimination.

After being presented at the Palais de Tokyo, in Paris, and passing through Porto and Dublin, the interactive installation MODAPORTUGAL Life Cycles, promoted by CENIT/ANIVEC, arrives at MODALISBOA CORE with the excellence of the Portuguese Textile Industry, focused on transparency, circularity and regeneration.

Speaking of the textile industry, both Calvelex (responsible for the production of the uniforms of Lisboa Fashion Week’s volunteers), with its Fabrics4Fashion project, and Tintex Textiles, will be at the event with presentations of their online shops, aimed at Fashion Designers and brands looking for responsible and ethical production materials.

MODALISBOA CORE’s indoor and outdoor Lounge will be the meeting point of all the Fashion Week’s audiences. In terms of food — essential for days of an intensely packed Show schedule — we’ll have Praia Irmão and Cervejaria de Rua foodtrucks, as well as the debut of Arcádia, which will celebrate its 90th anniversary with a tribute to artisanal know-how: the brand brings to Lisboa Fashion Week one of its most iconic products, the Bonjour liqueur dragees, which will be hand-painted, uniting tradition with new artistic concepts.

As for drinks, energy is guaranteed by Lavazza coffees and PrimeDrinks’ two bars, Aveleda and Stoli — a Latvian brand that defends everyone’s right to equality, kindness, love and peace—-, as well as the return of Água Monchique (which will be hydrating the public in more ways than one, with the launch of the first Portuguese alkaline thermal water spray).

With the survival goods listed, we need to talk about the entertainment: Samsung presents the new Galaxy Z Flip4, Z Fold4 and S23 smartphones (official camera for all the Lisbon Fashion Week Instagram stories), perfect for capturing the make-up that Clarins will be offering in the same space. One photo is not enough? The L’Oréal PRO Styling Station will be a selfie room L’Oréal Professionnel made from scratch to respond to the CORE theme, and Seaside has prepared a Doll House, thinking of all those who like to create outside the box. So, all that’s missing is the dresscode: Moche will be there with the colours of its collection, in a structure that unites Fashion, Innovation and Creativity — the best news is that the arcade that the brand took to ModaLisboa Metaphysical is back. Renova answered the challenge to the T and, between Art-CORE and Heart-CORE, the brand brings its core to Lisboa Social Mitra. DS Automobiles, which is once again the mobility partner of ModaLisboa, will launch a new collection (we cannot reveal more, but on March 9 we will explain everything). That’s a lot of action, isn’t it? No problem. Kinda‘s presence is designed to offer a restful landing while browsing the free wi-fi of Altice Portugal, ModaLisboa’s technology partner.

MODALISBOA CORE. At the core, the construction.