ModaLisboa À La Carte, ModaLisboa

19 September '23

In co-organization with the Municipality of Lisbon, the 61st Lisboa Fashion Week presents a four-day program, based at Pátio da Galé.

MODALISBOA À LA CARTE has a menu of fashion shows, presentations, conversations, networking and pitch sessions designed to bring to the table the various dimensions of Portuguese fashion. It all starts on October 5th, at Carpintarias de São Lázaro, with the Fast Talks — we won’t reveal the entire recipe yet but, to open your appetite, we can say that there will be two conversations, two panels of speakers and two topics for imminent discussion. On the same day, between 12pm and 7pm and also at Rua de São Lázaro 72, the hunger for the future is satisfied with the opening of the Workstation New Media Exhibition (project with the support of the Portuguese Republic — Culture / DGArtes, patent until October 8th), with works by guest artists and open call finalists. These are the two Starters and, true to their name, to assure a good starting point both have free entry.

The new edition of the Sangue Novo competition supported by Seaside has the honor of being the first dish on the menu, in harmony with the three names of the Workstation platform that follow to satisfy the desire for fresh products: Niuka Oliveira and Filipe Cerejo, debuting after winning the Tintex Textiles (March 2023) and Polimoda (March 2022) awards from Sangue Novo supported by Seaside (more information about this edition and the new awards, here), and Arndes. The Specialties continue to arrive, in an agile and pragmatic service: the new collections from Portuguese Designers respond creatively to the challenging contemporary world, with design pieces manufactured in an ethical, fair and humane way. They are, because the Fashion palate demands it, complemented with parallel immersive and experiential actions, in order to create moments of interaction between the various audiences of Lisboa Fashion Week, creating bridges, strengthening relationships and boosting future businesses that empower and stimulate Portuguese Fashion in a concerted growth. The Portuguese Soul presentation (APICCAPS) and the MODAPORTUGAL (CENIT/ANIVEC) and beat by be@t (BCSD Portugal, promoted by CITEVE and a consortium of 54 companies in the textile sector) exhibitions are an example of a sectoral commitment to the sustainable journey, that finds in design the engine for a true positive impact.

It is this balance of flavors that stimulates the city’s palate, starting from the historic center, but with tours in various Lisbon neighborhoods. MODALISBOA À LA CARTE, feeding Fashion with performative, training, awareness-raising or even pure aesthetic indulgence actions, is coming.

MODALISBOA À LA CARTE. Consume in moderation.


Concept: ModaLisboa
Photo: Luís Gala
Direction: Leonor Loureiro (We Are Action)
Set design: Pedro Brito (Cracked Bolos)
Models: Devon (We Are Models), Rainara (Face Models), Rodrigo Almeida (We Are Models)
Hair: Helena Vaz Pereira / griffehairstyle
Make-up: Joana Lopes assisted by Alexandre Castanheira for Antónia Rosa atelier, with Clarins products