ModaLisboa Core, ModaLisboa, Fast Talks

26 February '23

On March 9, at 4:30 pm, Fast Talks open Lisboa Fashion Week again. In direct response to the Core theme, the conferences moderated by Joana Barrios will have two moments of reflection on author Fashion: its challenges, its visions, its present and its future.

The first part, which will focus on structural themes of the Fashion system, will be a practical framework of the portuguese and international industry today. Olivia Spinelli, Fashion Design Coordinator and Artistic Director of IED Moda Milano, will make an intervention on Future, Sustainability and Education, and how these three themes are interdependent, not coexisting one without intersection with the others. Anastasia Bilous, Fashion Editor at Elle Ukraine, stylist and specialist in Fashion Public Relations, will talk about her experience in digital brands designed for the metaverse. João Wengorovius Meneses, Secretary-General of BSCD Portugal, will present the Beat by Be@t project, a program to train new Fashion talents and textile companies for sustainability and circularity, of which Modalisboa is a partner. Finally, Casa do Impacto, a social entrepreneurship platform of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, will bring to the Talks João Esteves, from Diverge, the brand promoter of the Imagine project, which works with young people at risk of social exclusion to form them as Designers and Entrepreneurs, enabling them to create their own sneakers business.

The construction of the CORE theme will, as prior announced, be in charge of the ModaLisboa Designers. Ana Duarte (Duarte), Constança Entrudo, Joana Duarte (Béhen), João Magalhães, Luís Carvalho, Marta Gonçalves (HIBU), Nuno Baltazar, Nuno Gama and Valentim Quaresma will have in the Fast Talks a stage for exposing their perspectives of the present and strategies for the future. The conferences will be a free opportunity for each Designer to intervene on their unique path, take a stance, verbalize their reality and expose their perspective on the practice of Author Fashion and the current social, political and environmental context in which is applied.

Admission to the Fast Talks is free, with mandatory registration in this form. But unlike the last editions, they will not be broadcasted live on digital platforms. ModaLisboa wants, in this way, to create a public manifesto, yes, but intimate, direct and personal, so that the message is transmitted and absorbed through a unique moment of face-to-face communion between its nucleus and the audience.

MODALISBOA CORE. At the core, the construction.